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Logo RasSikkshades by Eddie Bauer, Jr. Signs Trail Blazer Hip Hop Artist Lil’ “Ras” Raskull

Italian Design, Flash Electric™ Protection by Carl Zeiss, Patented Non-slip Nose Cradle, Balanced
(Houston, Texas) – Delbert R. Harris, aka the artist Lil’ Raskull, is world renown as one of the pioneers of Christian Rap today. He has been recording Christian Rap for over 15 years and remains a vital voice in the industry.
“Sikkshades is stoked to have Lil’ ‘Ras’ Raskull’ as a member of our team,” says Bruce Glasgow, Chief Operations Officers of Sikkshades by Eddie Bauer, Jr., “We are fortunate to have the caliber of talent, history, and authenticity of someone like Ras representing our brand and introducing it to the Hip Hop community.”
Lil’ Raskull grew up in Trinity Garden, a ghetto on the north side of Houston, TX. He began performing in 1993 and released his first single, “Luv Ya Groove”, the following year on Deadgame Records. In 1995, Lil’ Raskull devoted himself to Christ combining his faith with his music. That same year he signed with Grapetree Records (EMI), and by 2000 Grapetree became the number one Christian Hip Hop label in the world. During that time RAS 1998 release “Gory to Glory”, was nominated for “Best Rap Album of the Year” by the Dove Awards and he was one of the first Christian Hip Hop artist to appear in Source Magazine, Rap Pages, and Billboard Magazine. In 2001, Ras founded Javo Records where he continues to operate, record, and tour today. Ras has sold over one hundred thousand records and has appeared all over the nation sharing dates with artist like Tye Tribett, The News Boys, MC Hammer, Cross Movement, Da Truth, Tedashi, Lecrae, Kirk Franklin, and many others.
According to his manager, Johnny Flores of Artist PR Services “I like promoting artist that are inspiring people on the streets, spiritually and intellectually – ‘Ras’ has always executed that well and the industry continues to discover that.”
Raskull is gearing up for several interviews with the media and chalking out tour dates for summer 2014, aggressively promoting his Brand, and endorsing Sikkshades products while gracing his fans with his recent release of his mixtape album “5ft Mogul”.
“I’ve always been known as wearing cool shades, but these are the best pair I have ever worn and I know my fans are going to love them too,” said Lil’ Raskull. He recently added the Sikkshades brand name in a song currently on- line “Black Car, No Rims” at: (mentioned at 36 seconds). Fans can order his latest album “5ft Mogul: Mixtape” at iTunes:
Sikkshades® by Eddie Bauer, Jr. was launched in January of 2014 with idea of changing the industry from what is currently available in the three billion dollar sunglasses market. A true entrepreneur and iconic leader in his circles, Eddie sought out the best in the sports community for market feedback, retail and distribution advisers, marketing and sales strategists, lens technology leaders, and artisan Italian designers to create two introductory styles – The Huckleberry and The Qualifier (wraps). The shades currently retail at $130 each, a very competitive price point compared to more established offerings at much higher prices.
Sikkshades by Eddie Bauer, Jr. features a patented non-slip nose cradle. Many athletes lamented that the major brands slip off their face under the inertia of their movements. In addition, these intense performers were
concerned about “prism” effect and distant distortion provided by leading eyewear as well. At high speeds, clarity of vision and distance judgment is critical.
So, Eddie solved these problems with a product that is fashionable, balanced, assembled by hand, built-to-last, and relieves stress points along the temples and behind the ear. Flash Electric™ ballistic grade and shatter-proof lenses provided by Carl Zeiss, reduces or eliminates visual micro fractures which can stress the eyes. Flash Electric is an iridium embedded process that is scratch and smudge resistant and allows the eye to receive natural light without causing pupils to dilate and impacting the eyes with an overexposure of UVA and UVB light. Other lenses may cause the pupils to widen, allowing more unhealthy light rays to impact the retinas. Some have reported a feeling of nausea with inferior lenses.
The iconic “Sikkshades Groucho” logo was expertly designed by a leading logo designer and has been adopted in the extreme sports and longboard skate community as “The Moustache Shades” which adds to the “cool factor”. The eye ware has also been adopted by those serving the military and law enforcement, with great reviews on social media.
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About Sikkshades by Eddie Bauer, Jr.
Sikkshades by Eddie Bauer, Jr. is a sports action eyewear company based in Houston. Eddie Bauer, Jr. has been an adrenaline junkie for many years competing in extreme motor cross, iron man competitions, and more. The science and technology behind his designs are being received well within the extreme sports community, music industry, and now the film community. We hope to see you at the red carpet events and sporting events across the country. Eddie’s team of marketing and sales professionals are eager to serve you in any capacity that helps you to become more competitive and comfortable when exposed to the effects of damaging solar UV rays on the eyes.